After years of experience with scalable, international projects, Made with Pepper has begun to develop its own web applications late 2014.

With the goal to give small to medium-sized companies the opportunity to provide their own SaaS (Software as a Service, often multi-user) solution for a low price, and to expand it in-house. These products are offered on

With our generic solutions, where companies get the full source code with the ability to customize it, a shortcut is provided that can be used as a basis for your own services.

Few companies operate in this niche, because technical knowledge is required for the successful deployment of the software. For the technical party it is financially more interesting to offer the service itself. Many companies rather "rent" a fully-fledged service than to develop and maintain this service themselves. However, this way they leave a lot of money on the table, make themselves dependent on other parties, and make it impossible to implement customizations.

With this background we would like to help you develop and market your idea. Your success is our success, therefore we believe in a long-term cooperation. Because development does not stop when launching a product. It will start from there.