What do we do?

Our core business is application development. Mostly online applications, but also offline applications. This can be a service that you want to offer your customers or the world, as well as automation of a business process.

We can develop a completely new product, or use our framework as a base to keep time to market as short as possible. The development is accelerated by deploying existing components such as user management, user interface and various libraries. Modular design allows the core components to be kept up-to-date for optimal security and performance.

What does it cost?

We usually work based on actual cost incurred. A fixed price is difficult to estimate in many technical projects and may lead to discontent for the parties involved. Through regular contact moments, progress is tracked in detail and the course can be changed in a timely manner if desired.

The larger a project, the lower the rates. Taking into account the planning and budgeting agreed upon, so that there are no surprises afterwards. We are also open to cooperation based on profit sharing.

What's our process?

  • Inventory

    What is your target audience and what specifications are associated with it. Is it important that older browsers are supported, or should be focused on predefined hard and software. Is it important that your application is suitable for many users, or is used internally to a limited extent. How to deal with the graphical aspects. These are just some questions to get a picture of the project.

  • Sketch

    If we have inventoried your wishes, we can outline how the application will globally look like and work. This can be done with wireframes, diagrams or a detailed description. It is important to define the minimum requirements for the first version. After this minimum viable product version, we may continue with extensions and improvements as required.

  • Planning

    After agreement on the sketches, we can create a schedule taking into account dependencies from other parties. The project is divided into short sections to keep the development manageable.

  • Realization

    During development, we contact you as the product owner as often as necessary. Preferably daily. It is important to be able to switch quickly in case of unforeseen issues, and stay involved with the project.

  • Delivery

    Upon delivery, the transfer will take place from source code and source files. With any training and documentation. This may also mean that we install the product on your server, depending on the nature of the project.

  • Aftercare

    Bugs are inherent to software. We offer 3 months free warranty. But updates and new features can also be covered by a sequel. We attach great importance to a long and lasting cooperation.